Man-Made Foods that We Consume

Man-Made Foods that We Consume
By Lisa Riley


Not all vegetables, fruits, nuts, and spices are natural. Several of them are hybrids. What does this mean? It means that scientists decided to experiment and do some crossbreeding. They take plants from different species and cross-pollinate them to get an offspring to their liking. The result is that the hybrid plant ends up with features from both parents.


What are Hybrid Plants?


They are man-made plants. They do not grow naturally. The process involves transferring pollen from a male reproductive organ of a plant to a female sexual organ of another plant. The seeds of a hybrid plant cannot grow naturally. Humans have to intervene. That is why they crossbreed.


What Is the Purpose of Making Hybrid Foods?


The reason for the cross-pollination is to produce more foods quickly. Other causes involve color, shape, and size. For example, there are red apples, green, and yellow apples. They come in different shapes and sizes. Another reason is to add to the nutrients that the plants already have to make it more potent.


Initially, when farmers could not grow crops on their farm, someone came up with the idea of crossbreeding. Farmers used to mono crop. That is when they grow a single crop every year on the same land. The soil used to get damaged and lose its nutrients. After a while, they were not able to grow any foods, so that is when they decided to crossbreed.
After the influx of hybrid foods, there was no need to plow, sow, or water plants. The crops grew faster, and the foods were tougher and more resistant to destruction.


Effects of Hybrid Foods on the Body


According to Dr. Sebi, hybrid foods are high in sugar and starch, and they contribute to mucus buildup in the body. The pancreas and the liver do not absorb the sugar the way they should. Additionally, hybrid foods lack the necessary minerals the body needs to function. Consuming these types of foods for long periods could lead to a mineral imbalance. They also promote candida overgrowth (yeast infection).


The sweetness of the hybrid foods raises the glycemic index thereby increasing the blood sugar level. Because of the cross-pollination, the foods lose some of its nutrients. People can get addicted to sweet hybrid fruits. The fruits will overstimulate the body, and the body will eventually lose the necessary minerals to function well.


Effects of Hybrid Foods on Nature


Cross-pollination occurs naturally in nature. Bees are responsible for new species of plants due to their movements from one plant to the next. The same can happen with the wind blowing pollens in the air. Eventually, humans got involved and sped up the process to increase crops.


How to Balance Out Hybrid Foods


According to David Wolfe, author of “The Sunfood Diet Success,” if you are eating hybrid fruits and vegetables, eat them in small portions. Also, you can mix bananas with fat such as avocados, nuts, and olives. It will do less harm to the body. It is also advisable to combine green leafy veggies with avocados, nuts, or olives. It is said to decrease blood sugar level, and you will benefit more from the foods.


Moreover, soak grains and legumes and sprout them with the intention of eating them raw. It is not advisable to cook them. When eaten raw, your body will consume more nutrients. Also, David Wolfe states it is better to eat organic foods, and only to eat the ones that are in season.


Examples of some Hybrid Foods


Black Rice
Dairy Products
White Rice
White potatoes


Examples of some Hybrid Fruits


Apples (seedless)
Bananas (long-stemmed)
Cantaloupe melons
Dates (several varieties)
Grapes (seedless)
Meyer Lemons
Persimmons (seedless)
Pineapples (seedless)
Watermelons (seedless)


Examples of some Hybrid Herbs & Spices
The following group of herbs and spices has a high concentration of glycyrrhizic acid, and they have a high level of sugar – more so than sugar itself.


Aloe Vera
Cayenne Pepper
Licorice stick
Rose hips
St. John’s Wort
Vitamin A
Vitamin E


Examples of some Hybrid Vegetables


Brussels Sprouts
Corn (white)
Grape Cherry Tomatoes
Summer squashes


Examples of some Hybrid Nuts and Seeds


Wild Almonds


Difference between Hybrids and GMO Foods


Hybrid foods occur with cross-pollination where the pollen of a male reproductive organ gets transferred to a female sexual organ of another plant. GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms has more to do with mixing DNA molecules from a variety of species. The process takes place in a lab whereas hybridization takes place in nature. The major difference is that the manufacturers include pesticides in the DNA of the GMO foods.




Hybrid foods came into existence with the notion of producing more crops. It also created varieties in color, size, and shapes. They are high in sugar and starch and contribute to mucus buildup. David Wolfe states that if you eat hybrid fruits and veggies, eat them in small portions. Furthermore, you can balance out the high sugar content by combining foods such as green leafy vegetables with avocados, nuts, or olives. It will decrease the blood sugar content.

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