How to Care for your Yoni (Vagina) the Natural Way

How to Care for your Yoni (Vagina) the Natural Way
Lisa Riley


Ladies, we have struggled with vaginal odor, dryness, and infections at some point in our lives. It seems hopeless at times because some women do not know what to do. They have given up after trying various products. There is hope, and there is no need to overdo it. You can maintain a healthy yoni by following these simple steps.


Wear underwear that keeps you dry


Yeast infection is a common complaint amongst women. A fungus called Candida causes it. The symptoms are itching, burning, soreness, and pain during intercourse. OBGYNs suggest that you wear white cotton underwear to avoid recurring infections. Cotton absorbs moisture and helps air to circulate, keeping the area dry. Nylon and Lycra underwear keep the vaginal area wet and promote yeast overgrowth.


Maintaining a proper diet


Sugar and refined starches help yeast to grow, so it is best to avoid processed foods high in carbs. Examples of these foods include potatoes, white flour, bread, and crackers.


Battling vaginal dryness per the experts


⦁ Lubricants


Some women experience dryness due to oral contraceptives, breastfeeding, or post-menopause. Use natural lubes to moisten your yoni for a better sexual experience. If your partner is wearing a condom, add some to the inside tip as well as the outside. Use organic water-based lubricants with aloe. You can also use Organic Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil.


⦁ Yoni Facials

Yes, you have read it correctly. You can ease vaginal dryness by doing a vagina facial or a “vagacial.” The procedure also helps with sagging, making the vaginal walls tighter. People who have used it say that it restores the vaginal youth.


The ingredients include:


⦁ One teaspoon coconut oil
⦁ One teaspoon vitamin E cream
⦁ One teaspoon honey
⦁ Egg white from one egg


It is a weekly treatment involving steaming the vagina for 15 minutes with a facial steamer. Do the steaming first before applying the vagacial. Mix all the ingredients in the recipe and heat in the microwave for 20 seconds. Place the mixture over the yoni and leave on for 15 minutes.


Use rose water to remove the mix. Do the vagacial daily for seven days. Afterward, you can do it once per week in combination with pelvic floor exercises. To view a live discussion of the procedure, please watch it here.  You will notice results within three to six months.


Experts warn against the following ingredients in lubricants:


Be cautious if buying lubes on the open market. The ingredients in them can do more harm than good. Please avoid the list of ingredients shown below.


⦁ Parabens> methylparaben and butylparaben
These are preservatives that interfere with your hormones and can cause breast cancer.


⦁ Glycerin> glucose, sucrose, fructose
Anything that contains sugar will bring about a yeast infection.


⦁ Propylene Glycol
It makes things slippery, and people use it in their car radiator. It will irritate the yoni and causes pain. Besides, why would someone use something that goes in a car on her private?


⦁ Menthol or other warming agents
This can cause an outbreak in both men and women suffering from herpes. The heat from it can also be sensitive to the vulva.


⦁ Petroleum> mineral oil
Whether it is Vaseline, baby oil, or mineral oil, please keep it away from your yoni. It takes a while to wash away the grease, making the area a host for bacteria. Condoms do not work well with oil-based lubricants either.


⦁ Fragrance or anything that adds scent
It will irritate the vulva and lead to infections that will cause itching and dryness.


Yoni Eggs: What are they?


They are semi precious stones carved to have the form of an egg. The main purpose is to wear it in the vagina to aid in tightening the walls of the yoni for increased pleasure.


Benefits of using Yoni Eggs


⦁ Increased libido
⦁ Feeling more sensual
⦁ More lubrication even after menopause
⦁ Increase new nerve growth for overall sensitivity
⦁ Heightened pleasure and more orgasms
⦁ Help issues with fertility
⦁ Less tearing of the tissues during childbirth
⦁ Speed up recovery after childbirth by repairing damaged nerve endings
⦁ Pelvic muscles become stronger to prevent incontinence in older women
⦁ Increased intimacy with your partner
⦁ Decreased menstrual cramps, PMS, and the length of your periods


No – Please do not detox your vagina


According to Dr. Jen Gunter, the vagina cleans itself. It has healthy mucus and if disturbed could cause a yeast overgrowth. Only treat the yoni if you are having problems such as bleeding, itching, or cramping. It is unwise to detox or cleanse your lower region. People looking to make money, use those terms to trick people into buying products from them.


If your periods are regular, your uterus is in good shape. However, if you have an odor and heavy bleeding, please see a doctor.  Moreover, leaving products in your yoni for long periods could lead to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Per Dr. Gunter, it is best to leave your yoni in peace if you are not experiencing any problems.


Other Helpful Tips

⦁ Experts advise wiping from front to back after a bowel movement. The intestinal tract carries yeast, so it is advisable not to wipe from that angle.

⦁ If you have to use antibiotics, make sure to take some probiotics following the treatment. They contain healthy bacteria. It will bring the vaginal environment back to normal after taking the antibiotics. Some women eat yogurt daily as a way to ward off the infection. However, yogurt does not cure yeast infection. It contains lactobacillus, which is a healthy bacteria. It will help to balance the intestinal flora. The less sugar in the yogurt the better.


⦁ When taking a shower, use unscented soaps, or you can wash the area without soap. The perfume in the soaps will irritate the vagina, causing a yeast infection.


⦁ Avoid douching at all cost. Your yoni can clean itself.  OBGYNs state that you will increase the chances of infections if you douche. It washes away the protective mucus the vagina needs to guard itself of harmful bacteria.




Caring for your yoni does not have to be difficult. The same way you pamper the rest of your body, you can do the same for your lower region. No one wants to suffer from recurring infections, so it is best to treat your yoni the same way your treat your face. Cleanse it daily with unscented soap and wear white cotton underwear. If you suffer from vaginal dryness and sagging, use organic products for treatments. If your periods are regular, your uterus is healthy, so please do not interfere with it. Additionally, please do not forget to maintain a healthy diet.

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