Natural Treatment and Prevention for Hemorrhoids

By Lisa Riley
Hemorrhoids are swollen veins near the anus. They are painful, cause terrible itching and make it difficult for you to sit down or pass stool. The condition is not severe enough for you to go to the doctor. You can treat it at home.


Hemorrhoid Symptoms
⦁ Itching and pain around the anus
⦁ Seeing blood in the toilet or on the toilet paper after a bowel movement
⦁ Painful purple or bluish bumps bulging out of your anus
⦁ Swollen anus


How to treat hemorrhoids at home


⦁ Hot Baths
Fill the bathtub with warm water. Sit in the water for a few minutes.  The experts suggest you do this 2-3 times per day and after you have had a bowel movement. If you would like to wash the area, use unscented soap. Be gentle when you dry the area and pat dry instead of rubbing.
You can use special “sitz baths” to place over the toilet seat to soak your bottom for ten to fifteen minutes. Sitting on a warm water bottle will also give you relief.


⦁ White potato
For fast relief from the itching, you can grater a white potato place it on a plastic wrap and apply directly to the anus. Place it in your underwear and leave it. The potato can also be chilled then just reapply as it warms up. This is a fast and easy way to stop the itching.


⦁ Good Hygiene
Bathe daily with warm water when washing your anus. Do not use soap on the area. It will make the condition worse. Use wet wipes or moisten the toilet paper after each bowel movement. Dry toilet paper can cause irritation.


⦁ Routine Bathroom Breaks
Schedule a particular time to go to the bathroom each day without forcing yourself to go.


⦁ No Scratching
If you scratch the area, you will cause harm to the skin and make the itching worse.


⦁ Cotton Underwear
Wearing cotton undergarments will keep the area dry. Moisture buildup will cause the hemorrhoids to flare up.


Home Treatment Preparations


⦁ Make a strong tea
>1 tablespoon of witch hazel bark
>1 teaspoon of catnip
>1 cup of boiling water
>Let steep for 20 minutes
>Strain and use cotton balls to bathe the anus
You can also use alum root tea with white oak bark. Insert a small amount into the rectum to give you ease.


⦁ Homemade Suppositories
>1-ounce powdered wheat flour
>1-ounce boric acid
>1-ounce bayberry bark
>1-ounce golden seal
>2 ounces powdered hemlock bark
Mix the ingredients with glycerin until it is thick enough to make a suppository. Place it in the anus and leave overnight.


What causes hemorrhoids?
⦁ Not drinking enough water (eight glasses per day)
⦁ Straining while having a bowel movement
⦁ Sitting on the toilet seat for long periods
⦁ Frequent diarrhea or constipation
⦁ Obesity
⦁ Pregnancy
⦁ Anal sex
⦁ Lack of fiber in the diet


Are there any risk factors associated with hemorrhoids?
Healthcare professionals state hemorrhoids are hereditary. A parent can pass it on to a child. The risk increases if you do too much heavy lifting, if you are obese, or if you always have a strain on your body. If you are standing without taking breaks, your chances of getting hemorrhoids increases. If you have diarrhea often, you can get hemorrhoids.


How to prevent hemorrhoids


⦁ Eat foods rich in fiber
Pack up on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The foods will make the stool softer and aid you in avoiding strain when using the toilet. Try not to over-do it. Eating too much fiber in one sitting will cause gas.


⦁ Drink Water
The experts suggest you drink six to eight glasses of water per day to prevent constipation.


⦁ No Straining
While on the toilet, do not strain or hold your breath. It will cause pressure in the affected area, making the pain unbearable.


⦁ Squat when using the toilet
This is a good technique to use at home.
Sit in a squat position when using the bathroom. Use a small bench or two phone books to raise your feet off the ground. When your knees are closer to the chest, it will change the position of the stool, making it easier for release.


⦁ Exercise
Exercising will take the pressure off the veins, especially if you have to sit or stand for long periods. You will lose weight when you work out. Too much weight will affect your hemorrhoids.


⦁ Limit Sitting
If you sit for long periods, it will irritate the hemorrhoids, causing discomfort. Try getting up every hour and take more breaks.


You can prevent hemorrhoids, but if you have them, you can treat them at home. Take warm baths for fifteen minutes three times per day. Use unscented soap to wash the area, and pat dry it. Drink plenty of water, and eat plenty fruits and vegetables. Use an ice pack throughout the day to ease pain and swelling. Practice good hygiene by bathing daily with warm water when you wash the anus. After a bowel movement, use wet wipes or moisten the toilet paper. Go to the bathroom at a particular time during the days. Try not to force yourself to go.  Do not scratch the area, and wear cotton underwear to prevent moisture buildup.

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